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    [How to] Record demos

    This little guide shall show how to record demos, how to find them once you've finished recording and how you can view them.

    1) In order to get started, you need to activate the console.
    Access the main menu or press ESC in-game. Click Options --> Game Options and activate the console.

    2) You can now activate the console in-game by pressing the console key, which is located just beneath ESC.

    3) Enter "/record" into the console to start recording a demo. If you want your demo to have a specific name, for example in order to remember whom or what you recorded, use "/record DEMONAME" instead.

    4) When done with the recording, either leave the server or enter "/stoprecord" into the console.

    5) You can now retrieve the demo from your Call of Duty 4 directory, in the /main/demos folder.
    If you recorded a demo on a modded server, then the directory is /mods/MODNAME/demos.

    6) You can watch the demos using the following methods:
    - a) Enter /demo DEMONAME into the console.
    - b) The more convenient method is using a little program called Cod4Player. You can associate demo files with it by default, which makes playing the demos a lot easier. Also, it allows you to use third person from different angles, toggle HUD, UAV or the devmode (a built-in "wallhack") and, most notably, play the demo in different speeds which you can adjust in the program. If you want to play a demo of a mod, you need to specify this mod on the "Setup" screen prior to playing the demo.

    In order to save time, you can also bind the /record and /stoprecord commands to a certain key, e.g. by entering "/bind K record" and "/bind L stoprecord" into the console.
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