[Info] No Recoil Kicks

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    [Info] No Recoil Kicks

    Example of no recoil -
    You will notice on our servers that there are scripts running which auto kicks people for no recoil.
    If this was a 100% detection of no recoil then we would obviously have the servers auto ban.

    The script kicks if you have no recoil when firing. This issue with this is that a player will have no recoil without hacks if they have very low fps, for example you can test it out yourself, type /com_maxfps 5 in the console.
    As we have many player's coming from not a wealthy countries (don't mean to be rude, but it is true) quite a few players have computers of low specs and have low fps as a result and do get kicked when not cheating.

    No recoil also kicks for very low fps, so the kicks themselves are not proof on their own. if the player rejoins take a demo and report with that. You can also post a screenshot of the kick as this confirms no recoil, but is not always a cheat causing this.
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