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    WARNING: Some sarcastic comments!

    About Punkbuster

    Why pb is good?
    • 1. Dishonest commands will be unavailable
      com_maxfps 333 or more
      r_lodscalerigid 4
      and etc.
      These commands give you advantages over other players. Which is not good, right? Of course, unscrupulous players can hack .exe...
    • PB Screens. I would gladly watched the Pb screenshots players and catch cheaters. On Hardcore SD server.
    • Less cheaters. Let PunkBuster pretty bad, but at least pb is the anti-cheat program. And he it will not pass the most primitive cheats. Actually, I don't care about PunkBuster. Why? Because anyway i cant do anything. And look here: Installation of PunkBuster -> someone will kick for unknown reasons -> problems on window 8 -> fewer people will enter to the servers -> will fall the popularity of the server -> unprofitable. So there's not my jurisdiction to decide what is better: a popular server with cheaters or not popular without them. (I'm exaggerating but a lot of cheaters lately)

    About maps

    Damn, add in Hardcore SD map the Bog! Please! This is my favorite map (and where there is open space for sniper) And add Countdown. And come on, who played for the last time on Countdown and Bog?? Why maps are added with such difficulty and reluctance, as if from the heart tear.

    About 3x frags

    Look here and HOLY SHIT DO SOMETHING!! it has been more than three months! I'm not going to explain why three grenades is bad. Maybe again talk about it and forget? And few months later, i will create topic "3x frags".

    About !maprotate and !pl

    Well, I agree that the team !maprotate unnecessary. But you could at least return command !avote nextmap. Although, I don't care.
    But that's about it !pl. Jesus, teach someone to use this command! What kind of bugs are we talking about?? You just dont know how to use it! In general, you know, why do we need this command? Because, when two people having same nick and one of them is cheater, we are FORCED to use PID. And very much annoying to going to the website (btw, my wooden PC very long comes to the site), WAIT for two or three minutes until updated the server statistics and FIVE minutes later to ban cheater (Senior admins can ban from the site. Want it! :DD). But we can ban without any bugs. How? And dont need to ban by pid. Need to kick man who is not a cheater and then ban cheater by name. And by the way, I don't think that so many admins know about this сommand. And they will also will be ban by mistake, regardless of whether the command !pl or not. They just do not know how to use it.

    About language

    About rules "only English and German".
    On the server play a lot of nationalities. For example, Hardcore SD (who would doubt :DD): Croats, French, Turks, Russians, Ukrainians etc. They make up the vast majority. And I don't care what they write Croatian or Spanish. Because the server is a place where people gather together to have a good time. Let them write in their own languages, what is the difference. It's kind of funny, in my opinion. Unless of course, they need something from the administration on the server, or here on the forum, only English. Let them write in broken English (like me :DD).
    Of course, If their clucking you tired, you can write !w .lang. (joke :DD)
    I just urge people to be more tolerant and less dogmatic in matters of language on server.

    Thats all.
    Thanks for attention.

    Post was edited 3 times, last by “WalkingDisaster” ().

    1)My opinion , very few people like Russian :) Кeally let people communicate in their own languages,not all speak English,and because of this ban and kick?I think that this is nonsense.If the player starts to insult someone, etc. by Russian we see it and take action.
    2)Punkbuster-as said WhiningDisaster, dishonest commands should be removed.Command r_lodscalerigid 4 gives a huge advantage to the player.
    If players have problems with pb I think they can be solved,I have never had any problems with pb.
    3)About maps- really maps are added with such difficulty and reluctance.
    4)3 xFrag nade-I think that it is time to remove themб,they can be replaced on C-4 or mines.
    5)!maprotate and !pl- I forgot about the command !avote nextmap,really why not add?
    As for the command !pl,if a person is not stupid, he will understand how to use it :)
    Punkbuster is 100% a no, sooo many players do not have punkbuster and it catches 5% of cheats compared to 2012 as eb turned off their master server. With pb you only get to see 2/10 people's screenshots and it kicks 90% of players in 2015. People can also easily bypass cvar checks such as com_maxfps 333 (which is allowed anyway so..)

    3x Frags- Needs to be removed asap Robbie still needs to contact me about that.

    !pl - yes I know how to use the command..... it is a bug in the mam itself where it sometimes bans the wrong guy, so removing the command means people use it lessa nd the bug happens less..
    C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
    Okay, well by your words pb catches 5%, I think it is not so.let there be at least such protection.
    I think is useless to argue with you :)
    Add at least !avote nextmap.
    About 3x frags i want at list TDM HC, its halpfull who had bad ping like me & i think RPD or LMG r bad for server. All camp with havey gun & its more wores then 3x frags, So think about it..Remove RPD & LMG. More player die at RPD or LMG then 3x frags & with 3x frags no one camp but They camp with havey gun. With havey gun ppl cant move first & stay there for long....

    XF : sbshajib :)
    I personally will no longer offer any ideas because you are lazy or just do not want to do . Me it is infuriates, good luck!
    I dont like to be knived so i suggest to remove that also. The 3x frags must be removed asswell the saw, mp5 and p90. The running perk sucks... so i suggest to remove that to, even the crawl option in it.
    i sense little bit anger here © Robbie

    Robbie wrote:

    I dont like to be knived so i suggest to remove that also. The 3x frags must be removed asswell the saw, mp5 and p90. The running perk sucks... so i suggest to remove that to, even the crawl option in it.

    And at the end of the day, where are on promod :D

    But really, most of the players aren't able to fix their punkbuster although there are so many online Tutorials (like here with the Auto Updater).
    It's also useless because Windows 8 ==> Pink Screenshot. It can also only catch some retards using 2k12 cheats xd

    Because of the !pl - wasn't there any Update for MAM? Because I thought, in the new version, there would come the !calladmin function which will pm an admin on ts or so? (Or I am just dreaming xd)
    uMadBro = (!(top && flop || !(top && flop)) || ((flop || top) && !flop)) && (!((flop || top) && !flop) || (top && flop || !(top && flop)));
    Punkbuster doesn't support CoD4 anymore as far as I know and like Fonix said the commands you named are very easily enabled even with Punkbuster on. Regarding the rest of your suggestions I won't comment because eventually everyone will have his own opinion about it and you just can't fix what's not broken.
    Hi guys... I rly don't see why 3x frag is such a problem for most of u. Perk as any other. Im using it on 2 of my classes. I have a biger problem with ppl who's camping with LMG or P90 class.. PB is crap. A lots off ppl will be kicked for some stupid reason caused by PB issue. Lot's of errors. A lot of SS taken from Win7 and 8 will be useless. language? Im from Serbia and i dont have any problem using only Eng. Problem is not kicking ppl for it, problem is when u warn some1 20 times for a same reason and he/she keep doing same thing. Command !pl is bug like on every other server whre mam is on. But some time console can not recognize ppl u war so u have to warn them by #.
    3x frag -stupid perk,you ask why?
    Answer: not experienced players choose this perk and throw them anywhere and it infuriates wildly! X(
    Especially at servers TDM,do not have time to appear already flies nade ;(
    You can delete them at least on the server SD?I offered to replace them with mines.
    Why mines?perk "Bomb Squad "can be used against them.(How would the anti noob, but there are no mines and perk)
    I'm tired of 3x nade,better let mines and C-4.
    Well then everything is clear! I understand everything will remain as it was?
    1)No punkbuster.
    2)3x frag nade will.
    3)no command !avote nextmap.
    4)no command !pl and etc.
    I you understand correctly?
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