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    [How to] Apply for Admin


    • 16 years or older
    • Decent English
    • No application in the past 2 weeks

    Your Name:
    Your In-Game Name:
    Your Statistics page:
    Do you use discord and have a microphone?:
    Steam Username?:
    Admin experience?:
    Have you liked our facebook, followed our twitter and joined our steam group?:
    Which servers do you play?:
    Why should we accept you? (Don't say you hate cheaters):
    How many cheater reports have you done? :

    Good Luck ;)
    Copy and paste and make your own thread.

    Please write in English.

    Some general information:
    - C4S is not a clan. That means that you can still hang out with your friends and keep your clan tag.
    - The requirements mentioned above are not 100% fix. There is room for compromises in certain cases.
    - Please do note that it can take some days/weeks until we decide your fate. Applications that do not get declined instantly for obvious reasons will be discussed internally by Head Mods and Management.
    - Please do not re-apply right after you got declined unless you have fixed the problem leading to the decline.
    - It is advisable to get social with us before you apply.
    - Shared keys are not acceptable.
    - Here is an example of a great application: Admin Application for GuysChris

    C4S Founder and Administrator ;)

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