Announcement Allowing of Dark Marines Skin (READ POST)

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      Allowing of Dark Marines Skin (READ POST)

      As a notice this is a test and we may undo this at anytime if too many people abuse this or other issues arise.

      As quite a few are aware, the marines have a distinct advantage over the opfor, particuarly on certain maps, most notably bog. The issue is that the marines blend in with the map far more than the opfor who almost stick out. Here are a couple example screenshots. The difference is particuarly noticable with fullbright ($fps)

      We have been debating internally what to do about this for quite a while now as it hurts the server on maps such as bog where the players in the know will generally stack on the marines and hurt the server population as they will dominate their more visible opononents while themselves being harder to spot.

      We have tried multiple different solutions but today we will try a more radical and direct approach to the problem.
      We will be allowing the use of a darker marines skin which will balance things out, I will explain that in detail later.
      Here are some screenshots so that you can compare the visibility.

      Here is the download link to the dark marines skin file…zed_english_iw07.iwd/file

      For those who also want they can download this skin file that contains the dark marines skin, no blue flash while shooting with fullbright and no deathicons.…zed_english_iw07.iwd/file

      How to install skin files :
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      In the "main" folder within you cod4 folder do the following :

      1. Rename iw_00 to localized_english_aa (you can use this program to rename for you

      2. Repeat step 1 for iw_01-iw_06 by adding letter to aa, so aab, aac, aad, aae, aaf, aag.
      Once done your main directory should look like so except for localized_english_iw07.

      3. Copy and paste localized_english_aag to same location, rename to localized_english_iw07

      4.Open localized_english_iw07, you will need winrar/7zip to open. Delete everything in localized_english_iw07

      5. Create images folder in localized_english_iw07, place your iwi skin file(s) in the images folder.

      If you need help with this we can assist you via our discord but if you follow the steps you should be fine :)

      The logic behind allowing the skin is a little complicated but simple enough once you get your head around it.
      We hope that enough of the players who normally stack on the marines side of certain maps will install the skin and therefore not feel the need to stack on the marines side anymore.
      This will hopefully create more balanced teams and less of a one sided massacre.
      Of course you may see this as unfair as not everyone will install the skin.
      That is true to a degree but really it's mostly just unfair to the the opfor players who do not install the skin as they will have a harder time spotting enemies.
      For the marines who are now more easily spotted in our opinion it is pretty fair since they can see their enemies with roughly the same ease.

      Of course if you use any other player skin files or any other skins we deem advantageous then you will face the usual punishment, a temporary ban, after 3 of those you will be permanently banned. We hope nobody tries to abuse this, we are just trying to make the game fairer and keep our server as populated as possible for you guys.
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
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