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    Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

    Your In-Game Name: QUESTICLES
    Game you were banned on: Cod4
    Reason you were banned?: hwid spoofer
    Who banned you?: F¢nix
    When were you banned? Today
    What Server were you banned on?: TDM High XP
    Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: f2d26e53
    Steam Account Link:
    Why should you be unbanned?: I’ve been casually playing/chilling in this server for almost a year+ And not once have I ever been worried about getting banned for any reason. I will admit that I do own a spoofer but it’s used for iw4x as I am banned in a few servers like waliant & s&r for being stupid (using eb in ts servers) a long time ago. I have no intention on hiding the fact that i do own one for that purpose of enjoying another video game. This is my first time being banned and I didn’t realize/know that having 1 was against the rules.

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    I didn’t know that it affected other games, I’m not using it TO play on your server. It was recommended by my friend to use one to get back into the iw4x servers. I’ve never been banned before on c4s, the spoofer just happened to be on while I was in the server. I have no reason to spoof on this game or in your server.
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