6 month RE-appeal

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      6 month RE-appeal

      Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

      Your In-Game Name: bignigel
      Game you were banned on: cod4
      Reason you were banned?: player skins
      Who banned you?: idk
      When were you banned? pass
      What Server were you banned on?: tdm highxp
      Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: 383a4995
      Steam Account Link: non steam
      Why should you be unbanned?: reason is same as per my last unban request, i've waited 6 months now re-appealing. tia
      Since you have not tried to evade your ban, you are now unbanned.

      Do not use player skins or advantageous weapon skins/bush skins/map skins, do not cheat.

      Side note: I downloaded and deleted his SS on wall of shame, don't know how to pin it to a post, gotta go to work will deal with it later.
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