Ban Appeal - Baker / 821ced7d

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    Ban Appeal - Baker / 821ced7d

    Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

    Your In-Game Name: Baker
    Game you were banned on: CoD4
    Reason you were banned?: WH
    Who banned you?: Alex
    When were you banned? 22.05.2020 09:18
    What Server were you banned on?: C4S TDM HC HighXP #1
    Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: 821ced7d
    Steam Account Link: N/A
    Why should you be unbanned?:

    Dear admins, members of this community,

    let me explain situation about my ban for WH.

    1) Shayan (demo maker and ban requester) has personal problem with me as player - both we are arogant.
    2) Shayan obviously don't use headphones, because he would hear my steps as I do. Sound is very important, same as intuition.
    3) Shayan didn't record demo of my gameplay but himself. How can You judge somebody by this "evidence"? It is absolutly irelevant. And so short demo on empty server!?
    Do You use sreenshot feature at least?
    4) For objective judgement irelevant but... - I play this game since published, started with Medal of Honor:AA, so I think I am too old and could take some skill during years.
    Honestly, I hate cheaters, they ruin games.
    5) Ban me for my occasional impoliteness and vulgarity, I can understand it, but no for WH, because it is not truth.

    So I please You to consider words/facts above and prospective unban of me.
    Thank You for attention,

    by using headphones doesnt mean you can hear from where he is coming. second everytime you knew from where he was coming. behind the bus or when he was behind the car. also the fact that you play that game many years doesnt mean you dont cheat. and you were playing only you and him. so it was more difficult to know where he was. but for you it was so easy.


    Alex, read properly, use perception and logic, please. You saw from demo too less.

    When you play with only one oponent, it is easy to use hearing (for example behind bus).
    Next is learning style of oponent. He most of time waits. Car is his favorite cover, logic leads to check it again.
    For ppl with brain isn't problem to understand game and learn spawnpoints. Game logic is to place you to other side of enemy.

    I don't understand why are you so biased.
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