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    Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !
    Fill into the Subject the cheaters name and his guid (last 8 digits).

    Players kjikjoi guid :46600ac8
    Hack description:wh / has been banned many times for wh
    Server / Mod :28960
    Demo Link (As an attachment if possible please).

    2nd one baker guid :821ced7d /server :28960
    skilled wh user / this one was tricky to record cuz it was only me and him . he even admitted using wh when he thought im using it , its in his chatlog
    he clearly follows my movements
    • kjik.dm_1

      (440.28 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
    • bakernew.dm_1

      (545.43 kB, downloaded 6 times, last: )
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