wut | a3220c04

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    wut | a3220c04

    Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !
    Fill into the Subject the cheaters name and his guid (last 8 digits).

    Players name: wut
    Statistic's Page Link : cod4-server.info/?page=profile…a5437b24aaba3f26ea2623b2a
    Hack description: wallhack/codehook
    Server / Mod : xp1
    Demo Link (As an attachment if possible please).

    Demo 134 I believe shows wallhack pretty clear and at some point he stops to toggle everything off when he realizes I'm in spec. I didn't think this was enough but checking today, figured I should post anyways. I took an SS of him before recording but it somehow didn't take the ss until the next map.

    Demo 135 hes toggled off, no longer top score and is pretty bad.

    Demo 136 he may of toggled back on as I'm now on an idle client, think this one has aku. Alex tb'd him before the map could switch. Server crashed anyways.
    watched first demo with and without lightgrid, not walling imo. Only sus moments are through smoke and a lot of them are on the edges of smokes. On my first viewing he aimed through walls on people but on the second watch there's nobody even there. There's also moments where he dies to people he should have avoided if he had wh. He's still a moron tho.
    C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
    Yea I caught the tail end of it, flicks started complaining about him shooting through smoke but I didn't pay much attention until I seen him 53 and 6 or something like that. That's when I ss'd him during smoke.

    Can close this out for now or leave it open, idk if he will reconnect after his tempban from Alex.
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