Tb/B appeal

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    Tb/B appeal

    Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

    Your In-Game Name: Z0RSY
    Game you were banned on: Cod 4
    Reason you were banned?: Smoke
    Who banned you?: Luckzy
    When were you banned? 12:49pm Europe time
    What Server were you banned on?: C4s high xp 1
    Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: b51f91d5
    Steam Account Link:
    Why should you be unbanned?: Because this happened last time I have a demo of my perspective I also reviewed my gameplay and chat, kills, etc. and after I quote: "Somebody throw smokes" as said by Luckzy. 5:38 at the time he and SNTX were on my team which was Marine at the beginning of the game. Luckzy goes from Marines to spectator mode at 4:53. Also, 4:21 SNTX shortly after he randomly switches From Marines to Opfor and starts throwing controlled smokes. Sntx throws first smoke at 4:17 after spawning underneath the staircase at the demolished building, he goes prone behind the refrigerator and throws the first smoke landing very suspiciously in front of me trying to block my view so that's not very creditable because the person in fact throwing the smokes was none other than SNTX. So he must have communicated with Luckzy via Discord call. Whenever I would start killing people you can see SNTX running towards me holding the smoke grenade in hand trying to execute their plan. At 4:36 I line my crosshairs up for the spawn kill at the station wagon dumpster spawn as you see SNTX leaving spawn he throws the smoke runs left than right stops in the middle of the spawn blocking a play crouched behind the station wagon gets killed after I start to spawn trapping players for about 4 kills. I could see the shotgun player model throw smokes with precise intent. They were trying to get me banned and not of natural causes like randomly thrown smokes or randomly spectating only because of suspicion. At 3:58 I run to the garage spawn and SNTX is the first person that I saw and he had already thrown the smokes at me he died and the smokes lands at my feet undeployed with Fx running/ small vertical could but no iwi/bloom I can show you once again that smokes are not working properly or not showing up at all. I'm also disappointed I told Luckzy I loved him last night before we went to bed after a rad cod 4 gaming session, not very cash money of him to deliver a ban like a cold pizza on a Friday night. Ya feel me Im not sure if WOlfman was in on this because I was headshotting him all game via spawn traps.

    Here's a recording of my demo: https://studio.youtube.com/video/gUptOWqayGI/edit

    My ping: 86 ping

    its just very suspicious an admin would switch teams to watch his teammate :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

    Going to ignore the hundrets of times you got blattent headshots through smoke just hardscoping and yes, tracking as if the smoke didnt exist.

    "I'm also disappointed I told Luckzy I loved him last night before we went to bed after a rad cod 4 gaming session, not very cash money of him to deliver a ban like a cold pizza on a Friday nigh" - what the fuck stay away from my qt!
    Weebs turn the FUCK UP
    My cfg all visual settings if you wanna look at it's basically a movie cfg without the eye-candy: file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Call of Duty 4/main/config2.cfg

    My game files: gyazo.com/9d0c842e445a47ec2d6be40e11a2f860

    My custom: skins gyazo.com/7f5a3ddc3ce5439f413ce3952d112bf3

    My system specs: gyazo.com/31020956b7db1c726342d680e15f5814

    I was also playing on 1176x 664 resolution at 245hz
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    Just another a little food for thought. So if no smokes were thrown by eighter team for a whole 6 minutes because no one even had them equipped whilst is played without an issue or suspicion what even brought up the idea of even 1 needing to throwing smokes in the first place. I believe someone must have brought it up to my bugged smokes issues in the first place. So as I see the evidence bought before me the recording provided by the admin and former admin Sntx must have had malicious intent behind it. Even taking the time to put a smoke commercial in the audio track and hearing Sntx in the audio laughing about how he positioned himself in the smoke and wasn't fully covered speaks the truth of premeditation and that not fair to the either-players base and admins looking to do a good job and banning actual cheating players. Also, why cut the audio track of Alex speaking Turley his opinion as an admin speaks add vaildd points to the appeal of my recent ban. I would like to have a full recording between Luckzy and Sntx and Alex while this was going on we need all sides to for an accurate picture of why this even happened in the first place.

    ?Here is also the previous game before that demo it was my first game on. so take a look if you'd like

    Here are timestamps for the time between each demo: gyazo.com/b8ae0fb2b934be2fb37308828af4da2a

    Here's the demo.
    Unbanned. Evidence does warrant a ban I guess however smoke bug* does happen so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

    *where the smoke grenade is on the ground but doesn't properly bloom.
    C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
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