Unban request, pls read

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      Unban request, pls read

      Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

      Your In-Game Name: llsb
      Game you were banned on: Cod 4
      Reason you were banned?: Skins
      Who banned you?: Aardappel
      When were you banned? Dec 2019
      What Server were you banned on?: C4S TDM #1
      Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: a6f751fd
      Steam Account Link: steamcommunity.com/id/rpent/ (Not steam cod4)
      Why should you be unbanned?: Same as previous request, ban was due to skins. I have since taken them off.

      Previous request was left for ages, replied to once, my message after that was ignored presumably because of the rare circumstances behind the request. Wouldn't be posting this request again if the reason wasn't genuine, there's been a mix up with bans with my previous roommate, I understand it's a stupidly rare situation and completely get why it looks like an excuse but it's not. I'm more than happy to provide proof down to the tiniest details that the person was infact a roommate in a PM with whoever. I have no intention of using skins again (which IS my only ban in the last 3/4 years). Would just like to be able to play COD4 again, as really bar promod/CJ, the SL and C4S is all I want to play. Would appreciate being able to get to the bottom of this with someone, as obviously from my perspective this seems very unfair with the bans listed in the last request not being mine.
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