Hit registration issues

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      Hit registration issues

      Hi all!

      I know a thread exists about this but it was locked.
      First of all, no hating on this thread ok?

      Here are 8 demos of very poor shot / hit registration on c4s. Take a look and tell me what you think.
      Because of high rpm, these are best viewed in slow motion (e.g. cod4player)
      As you can see, many clear hits just disappear or give a hitmarker and still there is no kill even with 5-6 hits.
      Ak47 kills close range (0-37,5 meters) with 2 hits (112 damage) with stopping power.
      I've had this problem a lot these last few days and I've seen player named Flicks also mention it.
      Any suggestions? What settings are best? I use snaps 75, maxpackets 125, fps 250, packetdup 1.
      Just telling someone 'your ping is 40 so don't complain' is a moot point in this light :(

      (The zip file is just all 8 demos in one archive).
      • sus.zip

        (1.05 MB, downloaded 3 times, last: )
      • demo0064.dm_1

        (279.14 kB, downloaded 3 times, last: )
      • demo0088.dm_1

        (360.19 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0097.dm_1

        (162.66 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0102.dm_1

        (152.15 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0115.dm_1

        (116.49 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0117.dm_1

        (166.03 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0121.dm_1

        (227.93 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )
      • demo0128.dm_1

        (215.95 kB, downloaded 3 times, last: )

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      demo 64 longer time to kill.
      demo 88 looks normal to me.
      demo 97 longer time to kill.
      demo 102 looks like spray went everywhere but guy, this is normal.
      demo 115 same thing as 102.
      demo 117 again normal to me, you were hit punched off him as well.
      demo 121 your shooting through a car, less damage due to your low ping. Second was a wall and you got hit punched once again.
      demo 128 seems normal to me, last kill was same as demo 102 and 115.

      So based on your settings I can think of a couple issues.
      1. snaps 75 is probably causing some issues, I personally don't like anything above 30. I've used 20 for years and personally like it at my higher ping. I recommend trying 30 and see what happens.
      2. packetdup 1, unless you have dropped packets or lagspikes this should be 0.
      3. maxpackets 125, if you lose any fps from 250 you may drop packets, need steady 250fps or 125fps.
      4. your ping is low so stuff like walls, cars will actually register and decrease damage. Typically this does not happen at higher pings.

      In the grand scheme of things I think you should be thankful for what you got, there are loads of players on the server that have bad internet, high ping, or worse registeration issues than you do. This likely cannot be fixed, just like my issue with ping spikes. The 20 ping players although there may be some merit in that they take longer to kill, again, how can you possibly fix that.

      cod4 hitreg, hitboxes is a crap shoot, this isn't the best cod game to be on if its that big of a deal to you. I have 2-3 demos that I've saved from my 1000s of fails just because of how stupid the hitreg was. A quadhs fail on bloc, a 6in1 fail in chinatown trap back in 2011 and a 5in1 fail on strike start. If hitreg were perfect this game would of been dead long ago.

      I hope the setting tweaks I provided help you, you can also check what your /rate is, I think max value is 25000.
      Thanks for your reply!

      For me the worst is 97, I hit at least 6 times and finally the killing hit is one hit behind enemy lol. I have watched it in super slow motion and the range is so short 2 hits should kill even to limbs (ak47 does 1.0 multiplier to limbs = 56 dmg)... like half of hits do not register.
      Also about the spray, I understand your point but it's not THAT over the place so at least 1-2 shots should have been hits (e.g. demo 88).
      There was similar and even worse stuff than this before, until I became so frustrated that I started recording...

      I have i7-9700k and RTX 2070, it could probably do 300+ fps steady. Also at some times this problem goes away and the game feels amazingly snappy (just aim, shoot 3 shots and count on it registering a kill and moving to next enemy) so I don't think my settings are the biggest issue here... I'll try snaps 30 though and packetdup 0, thanks. My rate is 100 000 but server maxrate 25 000 overrides this anyway.

      To be honest, I'd rather play with 100 ping with my shots counting than 40 ping and half of shots disappearing :(
      (Ak47 is 560 rpm so you can think of it like each dropped shot adds over 100 ms to ping).
      you could always try netbalancer and increase ping higher to see if it makes a difference. I highly doubt it would though as it really only ever helped the stupid issue of bullet damage going through multiple players, I doubt it even does anything in terms of hitboxes as that should be addressed by the snapshot rates.

      The hipfire spray has been an issue since 1.0 of cod4. This was very prevalent in promod scrims with smg/ak74u guys, with the old "how is he not dead" reactions.

      No registration does happen, and it usually shows up as the shot going through the player, no hitmarkers. The game is old, the engine is old, there's no end all fix to this.

      The only other thing you could look at is cg_lagometer 1 and look at the graph. A small green line at the bottom indicates good ping that is stable, anything thick indicates spikes. The blue line is server side and it should be a slash style line that gets denser with higher snaps settings. Red lines indicate dropped packets, yellow is also dropped packets I believe.

      This issue affects all players, some worse than others. I do not believe you are in the "worse" category as you would be getting connection interruptions, lagspikes, teleporting. Also those players that do have those issues are at a significant disadvantage, even though it may be annoying to kill someone who teleports. Nobody intentionally does that, and saying play a different server, or fix your connection does not help. This is pretty much cod4's last stand in terms of a good quality softcore tdm.

      Hope you can fix your hitreg issue, all the best.
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