cole ban appeal try number 3

  • Declined

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    cole ban appeal try number 3


    Your In-Game Name: jCmibIslFryOCVNsf2dlf8P9FVrAD/cole (no i am not the cole from 1.7)
    Game you were banned on: cod4
    Reason you were banned?: WH
    Who banned you?: Anomaly
    When were you banned? 11/8
    What Server were you banned on?: High XP #1
    Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: 0474b64a
    Steam Account Link:
    Why should you be unbanned?: I havent played in months, my first time playing since April or may i get called retard and get called out for WH, ive seen the demo on crash snow where i was reported and there is literally nothing happening besides a few random shots where people happened to be there, theres so many people in High XP 1 it doesnt surprise me, i just dont like the fact that off such little evidence im never allowed to play the servers again. If you could rethink this it would be great thanks.
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