DEADZZZ ban appeal

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      DEADZZZ ban appeal

      Please fill in this form! We need all i n f o r m a t i o n !

      Your In-Game Name: DEADZZZ ( im panacea … admin on c4S -_-)
      Game you were banned on: COD4
      Reason you were banned?: Namechang + wh (funny)
      Who banned you?: Robbie
      When were you banned? 07/24/19
      What Server were you banned on?: C4S tdm HC
      Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page:…0ba2d58867209a3533514d3b0
      Steam Account Link:
      Why should you be unbanned?: I still not hacking and im still tired to explain you why should i be unbanned… Namchanger?! was just a bind to quick change my name...not a hacking tool as robbie said :D.. the bind i use to quick chang my name ingame ( bind 2 "toggle name Panacea* LUCIDE ANGELISm DEADZZZ fOBIA<3" ). Just learn.
      Dont forget to add that rule !!! Wallbang is not allowed in Hardcore !
      Give me the R700, and I will be God

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      I don't see any bans? Changing name rapidly with scripts is not allowed, cheat or not. It may not be in the rules but it's common sense as a lot of cheats have a name changer function.
      In the ban reason it also mentions wh, @Robbie do you have a demo? I guess you banned with rcon and that is why it doesn't show on statistics?
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      i did ban him with rcon. Thats the eay way for namechangers. I unbanned him. Let this be a warning for not using any scripts at all. The wallhack thing. No, i dont have the demo but he must be aware i watching him.
      i sense little bit anger here © Robbie
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