Krypt Ban Appeal

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    Krypt Ban Appeal

    Your In-Game Name: Krypt
    C4S Profile: Here
    Game you were banned on: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Reason you were banned?: I assume I was banned for wallhack, my ban says RWB(Cheater) when I try to join but i'm not sure what that means.
    Who banned you?: FibeR [ACP]
    When were you banned? 28/05/2019 6:55pm
    What Server were you banned on?: C4S BotChaos | Cracked | BEST MAPS |
    Your Guid (Cod4 Only) / Statistics Page: 0c23d804
    Steam Account Link: Here

    Why should you be unbanned?: I was on the C4S BotChaos server just chilling and the next time I tried to reconnect I was banned. Unfortunately, I left player skins on after last time playing COD4 I played in the C4S sniper lobby in which fonix allowed player skins. But as I was alone playing against bots in BotChaos, I didn't think much of it. However, after looking on the C4S ban-list I saw I may of been confused for having wallhack as depending on the team the colours can be yellow/purple/green/yellow. I saw some other bans with player skins but could see them through walls, unlike the dead body on my screenshot. I will attach some of the images to show what I mean, compared to the one presented for my ban. I wish to be unbanned as I just want to have fun in the Bot server every now and then, I have removed the player skins and will not use them in the future. If you need any other sort of evidence or if RWB means something else, please let me know and i'll supply what I can.

    Images referenced:
    My Ban Screenshot: Here
    Other Wallhack Screenshot: Here

    Thank you for your time.

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