My Admin Application - Luckzy

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    My Admin Application - Luckzy

    Please fill in this form! We need all information! Do not edit this template!
    All items with * are r e q u i r e d !

    Your Name *: Nikolas or Nick
    Your In-Game Name *: Luckzy
    Age *: 17 (D.o.B 27/06/2001)
    Country *: Born in Czech Republic, live in England.
    GUID (Last 8 characters) *:ee110f38
    Your Statistics page:…978a006f537cb68eba44c9f8a
    Do you use discord and have a microphone? [Y*/N] : Y (luckzy#6759)
    Steam Username [url to it]?:
    Admin experience? [Y/N]: Y, I was an admin on a gameranger cod4 server for promod once.
    If Y what kind of experience?"
    Have you like our facebook and joined our steam group? [Y/N]: Y
    Which servers do you play? *: CoD4 High XP TDM
    Why should we accept you? (Don't say you hate cheaters) *: I know how to follow rules, and I think it's only right for other to follow them as well. I am mature, and if I find myself in a situation where I don't know what I should do I'd rather ask about other admins' opinions and get things sorted that way. I can make jokes with other players, and I know that the power of kicking and banning people won't get over me and that I shouldn't abuse powers.
    How many cheater reports have you done on forum (not the !report and dont apply for admin if u haven't report any cheater)? *: I have reported two, one got banned thankfully and the other one my demo was too short. At least now I know to provide the whole game of just spectating the player or at least a few minutes. I will be working on getting more active on the server, in discord and overall whenever my computer is fixed, if I can ask you to be patient with me then that'd be great. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

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