it have been a long time #2

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      it have been a long time #2

      hi guys,

      it have been a long time i played on the server, but now its time to say good bye, maybe not for ever but at least for a long time.
      the reason i quit gaming is that its not possible for me to get study, work, gaming and friends together anymore since im more busy now than back in school when i started to play.

      i recognized again a few days ago that it simply doesnt work for me anymore. reducing is also a bad idea because i know myself, im that kind of guy that cant step back. its "all or nothing"
      and i finally set my prioritys. because its more important for me to step forward i choose "nothing". if you want to reach your goals it doesnt work when you spend time at something that prevents you from doing the things that really count and get you forward.

      some of you may know that this is not my first "attempt" to quit, but last time it was kind of in a bad light and i decided to give "stepping back" a chance.

      this time its different.

      i have to say thank you for all, for good games, nice shots and killcams and a lot of fun playing together this game.
      thanks to all the admins that keep this servers clean, but also thanks to all the regular players i played again for years.

      thanks for letting me be a part of C4S.

      i wish you all the best and lots of fun at gaming, maybe we meet again some day
      Thank you for your time and effort invested in C4S. And I've said it before: don't feel bad about giving other things a higher priority than gaming. The things you mentioned all deserve a higher priority imo.

      Hiya, fellas. It's him. The anomaly. Do we proceed? Yes... he is still... only human.
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