TDM HighXP Is Being Moved to the Cod4X Patch Soon!

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      TDM HighXP Is Being Moved to the Cod4X Patch Soon!

      Hello guys, it is finally time we move TDM HighXP to the Cod4X (1.8) Patch. We have put this off for a long time as the server has been doing pretty well on 1.7, but we just have to do it.

      The biggest reason, is the cheaters. Cod4X brings a bunch of improvements that will stop the vast majority of the cheaters that we currently see on a hourly biases on TDM HighXP.
      Also, being on a working in-game server list should help the server in the long run.
      More and more players are moving to the Cod4X patch and they are less likely to join 1.7 servers once they have Cod4X installed.

      For those curious about what Cod4X will change for you. Not much.
      One can still join Cod4X servers with 1.7 without fully installing the patch. Just press abort when the patch installation screen comes up.
      Or one can install Cod4X, which I recommend you do. You can still connect to 1.7 servers with it anyway, the easier ways are to add servers to your in-game favorites or /connect ip:port

      You can either install Cod4X by joining a Cod4X server, e.g. /connect or you can manually install it from their website here.

      We will be changing the server patch in the next week, we hope to see you on the server! :thumbup:#

      This is planned for this Saturday.
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
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