Announcement The Removal of Trusted and the addition of VIP!

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      The Removal of Trusted and the addition of VIP!

      From pretty much the start of C4S we have had a trusted player rank, today I have removed it. It serves little purpose, it's basically always been a rank for those with one foot in and one foot out. From now on your are either an admin or you are not.

      Well sort of. With the removal of trusted we have introduced a new rank which is very similar to trusted, except you have to pay. We are asking for 10 euros minimum to gain VIP status. You will be a VIP in-game, on the website and on our discord server. VIPs will be able to kick and warn on the server along with a bunch of the normal admin commands such as aliases, online etc. Of course, if you abuse your admin, for example by just kicking people for no reason you will be removed, but we hope that won't be the case, we will be as fair as possible. VIP admins cannot make up their own rules, they must follow the C4S rules. Also if you get caught cheating as a VIP you will be banned just like any other player. VIP status will last 12 months, after that you can decide to purchase it again if you want. If we ever remove VIP, current VIPs will still keep their rank until it runs out.

      Now for those reading who were previously trusted, we recommend you apply for admin if you want to continue as an admin here at C4S, however if you were very active and involved as trusted player you may get moved straight to admin, speak to fonix on discord if you think that involves you.

      Looking to purchase VIP? We will accept more thank just paypal, speak to Fonix on our discord.
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
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