How does Hacks on COD4 look like/ what is enough proof

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      How does Hacks on COD4 look like/ what is enough proof

      i know its 2018 an this is a bit late, but since lots of people apply as admins and need to find hackes (upload demos and so on) i made this to show new players who want to report cheaters how hacks look like and what enough proof (or the other way, too less proof/ too short demo) means.

      1) Good old aimbot is easy to see, but most cheaters (imo) try to hide there cheats more. Aimbot like most people think of looks like this:
      shit (aim).dm_1 this is aimbot without a doubt, a few secounds of demo are enough
      stone (aim).dm_1 like the fist one, u can see how his gun starts to shoot at the guy on the corner, then the kill in the tunnel is enough proof
      almimore (aim).dm_1 aim can also look like this if u are using sniper, he got no recoil (nr) too in this case

      2) No recoil (nr) is a hack that usally comes together with some other hacks/ scripts like wh or fast fire binds (ff)
      tixx (nr).dm_1 if the guy using nr is playing sniper its allways easy, but take care about guns with low recoil and record more than a few shots

      3) Wall hack (wh) is the mostly used hack imo, proof depents on how good the player hides it. Allways renember that a few shots can be luck, there is UAV and also wallbang can be efficient too if someone have played lots of hours and knows where these spots are and where players are running normaly
      sliz (wh).dm_1 this one was easy cause he dont care that everyone specting him can see he WHs. Renember, first shot can be luck, but secound one is enough in this case
      uhhh (wh).dm_1 this one is a little bit harder to see, but not much. Take care if someone kills through smoke, smokebug is a thing that exists
      unmute me wh nr).dm_1 this one is not 100% clear at the beginning, in causes like this record longer demos. Sometimes u need to record a entire game or even more till u find the kills that proof the wh. In this case it was easy too, cause he killed that guy using jammer with sniper, wait for it :)

      4) Roccat. Using this hack means that u hit a taged u normaly would miss. Its a hidden aimbot, some use keys to activate (as i know), some use small angle what means that u need to be closer with your crosshair to hit the taged. Angle means that the "allowed offset" of your crosshair gets bigger if the taged is far away too.
      fliesi (roccat).dm_1 roccat is not easy to dedect like other aimbots, recording longer demos is necessearly
      [FY]thxrl (roccat).dm_1 see by yourself how "off" his aim is some times

      roccat also makes you hit much more noscopes than normally, aimlock (the crosshair stops at the taged) too.

      5) Aimlock means that your gun/crosshair stops when u are on a taged. Most common aimbots (fist case) use this (as i think), but it also can be hard to dedect if someone with sniper uses it without autofire.

      6) not really used much, but still existing, elevators
      figured (elevator).dm_1 i gave him a tempban after doing this the secound time... fist i thought he was bouncing there or smtng, but as u can see he was not :D

      Importent things about recording hackers:

      - Smokebug: sometimes smoke doesnt shows up for the player. This is a normal bug -> record more than one kill through smoke, maybe wait for another map if the players seems to be laggy.
      - Demolag: if someone plays with high ping (>150), some shots might look like roccat, take a look at the ping of the player.
      - Godmode: it DOES exist, but its a very rare bug after using predetor. Its not a hack, in the 2 cases someone got this bug (im playing since 5 years) thi player relogs after some people asked him
      - Skinns: very hard to proof (and i can only have 10 demos in one thread :) ), skinns in a hack context means that u remove bushes, smoke, grass (and so on) and enemys, nades, teamm8s and dead ones have a bright color.
      - Recording: bind 2 keys with (for example) /bind F1 "record" and /bind F2 "stoprecord". makes live easier. Also dont talk about the player you are trying to bust, and try to stay in team when recording. This works if you go to spectator, then to a team + press escape ecept of select your class.

      Allways renember, noone is hacking until you proof it, on the other hand you cant trust anyone, every hacker will say he is clean ;).
      Smoke is a nice help to proof wh and skinns, but also take care about luck and smokebug.

      If i made mistakes, sry (my english still sucks), if i missed something plz tell me.

      I wish you all the best with busting cheaters :thumbup:
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