STRAWPOLL - Ban Stuns/Flashes/Smokes?

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      we have removed enough from the servers, not long ago we removed 3x stun and flash, removing them even more just changes the game so much, go play promod if you want less

      also create a poll on the forums not strawpoll next time
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)

      Fonix wrote:

      also create a poll on the forums not strawpoll next time
      - Didn't realize I could on the forum. Sorry!

      & i couldn't disagree more. nearly every game on the servers people are complaining about the stuns/flashes. In the vanilla 6vs6 game it isn't too much of an issue. But when its 21vs21 with everyone throwing a stun every life. It causes the game to slow so much.
      I couldn't agree more with reelblue. The flash grenades are so incredibly annoying, it makes the gameplay a nightmare and punishes skillfull players for not being able to dodge shots with their movements and being simply not able to turn around to the point of attack. No matter how good you are, what reflexes you have or how many hours you have in cod4 - a flash grenade turns a fair fight into in unfair one! Yet I can also understand Fonix, who says that changing the game even more would effect the gameplay severely. In my opinion the solution might be a compromise: Would it be possible to lock flashgrenades when more than (for example) 24 people are on a server? A lock depending on the amount of players? I am not very familiar with how the server works, so I rely on the admins opinions here.
      Another idea to solve this problem would be to make a pseudo-promod-server. A server with all necessary restrictions on perks and weapons to have a balanced, fair and semi-competative gameplay. I would love to play on a server, where flash- and stungrenades are banned (in addition to the other bans), same as semi-automatic snipers (god damn, I hate these "I bind shoot to my mousewheel"-players) along with some other things.
      I also agree with marxjee, removing smokes would be a terrible idea; they have nothing to do with flashes. They are mainly used to smoke off camper positions or passages you need to cross safely without being seen. Smoke grenades heavily relate to skill, throwing precise one-way-smokes or getting rid of that Kal.50-NoobCamper who didnt move for 10 minutes. It forces snipers to move into different positions and you can hide in the smoke, without restricting players movements to 0. I got no problem with staring at a white screen and having that beeep-sound, but not able to turn around? I don't know. You are forced to sit there and get stabbed in the back by a guy who has a 0-10 K/D. You can't tell me that this is fair... it simply isn't.
      And who are the five people disliking a valid suggestion? Would like to hear their thoughts and why they are disliking this :(. Makes me sad to see the potential of a real improvement being hated without explanation.

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      this is what happens when you play a 43 slot server tbh, server is anti noob enough as it is, play one of our promod servers if u want less nades/ no stuns etc. I hate getting stunned as much as the next guy but it's what you deal with on large servers, i've been playing on them since the game came out, even servers with more slots in the past were common and never once were nades removed on any of these servers. It's ridiculous suggestion imo as it is a huge feature of the game. We have removed so much already, removing nades is too big of a change
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      Removing 3x nades and stuns was a good change but removing frag and special grenades alltogether would in my opinion make the server worse. It's a fun part of my personal gaming experience to think ahead in order to find nade free routes while rushing and removing that would make people run around like headless chickens. Stuns, flashes and smokes are annoying but there are ways to avoid the spam on most maps.
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