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      Server assistance don't have perms to use the cmd !group
      Pls remove the msg on welcome players on bots, they rejoin every round and its quite annoying
      Also remove the chat msg of "Try calling votes !vote" coz now they are disable
      On the other mod, even trusted players were able to use the cmd !say, now not even assist can.
      Could be nice to add the old "fun" msg as !valeron, !weed, ...
      There was a player named Hikkan.
      If I type !a Hikkan, it writes "Aliases of this Player: x3norrrR"
      If I type !a name Hikkan (as you said), it writes "Player name Hikkan does not found..."

      I asked Stephen to try to aliases Hikkan, and he also got this message, just with Stephen.
      So if we aliases anyone, it writes only our aliases, like we would !a ourselves.

      That was not what i meant.
      write the full command: !aliases and not !a and tell me if it works.

      no i cannot do that because then i must change the punishment score of all other plugins. That would be too much work and there are things which are more important.
      Bans against original keys can be permanent, bans against cracked keys are automatically changed into an ip tempban for 3 days. Hence other users can still use the cracked key.

      In case of wallhack and aimbot, wouldn't it be better to always permanently ban the IP and, in case of an original key, permanently ban the key? I think a tempban of 3 days is too little.
      Aka 666
      I dont like to make demo for some one who will unban 3 day auto & what i do with those demo? i already had some demo, some ppl already unban now what i do with there demo & dont told me to delete that, if i delete then why make demo?
      At my view ( only mine ) I hate every thing with new mod, new page, new rules, new commend ( may be i hate because i am to old & dont like chang ). Now i know why ppl say " old is gold " .

      XF : sbshajib :)
      if i understand correctly,

      banning someones IP permanently is pointless if they can change their IP at will.

      Ban one cracked key ---> ban 5 different players 3/5 of them are not hackers either, so we would be losing players every time we ban a cracked key.

      Banning someones IP range ---> banning multiple people as well..

      Most of the VPNs are blocked as far as i know, so changing their IP with a VPN would not work

      U R lucky, i am not a hacker, if i am, it was easy for me to hack, because i dont have fixed ip & because i dont need to change key ( because key not banned ) I just need to restart my ruter, its more easy then changeing key. About cracked keys, they r so many that if u try to ban all of them then game will die but key dont. U just need a key gun for cracked key & its free.

      I had problem with demo, What i will do those demo after 3 days & do u know how many demo we make per day? I make demo every player when i think they hack & sepc them, but some time i am wrong or some time i right. For 3 days to ban some one do u think it was worth stop my game & spec some one who will come back in 3 day if he had fixed ip, if not he will join on 30sec.

      So my question is, is it importent to stop my game, make demo & ban, who we be here when ever he want to came back ( if he dont had fixed ip ).

      & Why i report about them when i know he will be back.

      @Avocado i know new page will be good & i dont like it because i cant find ppl there or information is not there but it will be i know but Old commend r batter then this, like : !stats , !session, !a

      XF : sbshajib :)
      I'm not against the new ban system, I have actually been for not perm banning cracked keys for a long time as this is just very stupid.

      However here is a few improvements that are needed.
      • Permanent Ip bans for people who keep coming back on the same ip and cheatsing and getting banned multiple times
      • The temp bans on cracked keys should be longer than 3 days, I would suggest a week, as the point in temp banning is basically to make the cheater think they are banned for life so they won't try and join back, but others who use the key can come back.
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
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