New GSManager (former Manuadminmod)

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    New GSManager (former Manuadminmod)

    Hello community,

    during the next weeks and months, there will be several changes concerning our server administration tool. We will upgrade to the newest version of the GSManager. Part by part, the new statistics page will be released as well.

    Important concerning statistics page:
    First a very basic version will be released due to the high amount of work to adapt all new functions to our database. The database will be reseted and you will find the old statistics under: because this will no more be compatible.

    Important concerning the servers:
    First the TDM Broadcast server (IP: is a testserver were all new functions are tested. When the GSManager is compatible with the new very basic stats page all admins need to be setted again. During the time of testing. Only Avocado has permissions on the Broadcast server.

    For all further changes, we will inform you.

    Best regards,
    C4S Avocado.:
    - Our statistics page has been successfully updated. Admins can login with the old username and password. --> More updates will come soon, we try our best.
    - The server has been updated to the new GSManager. --> More updates and fixes will come soon.
    - All admins need to be resetted. --> Fonix organises that.
    - New ban system has been activated on servers:
    - All bans have been removed
    - Following bans will be handled like that:
    - Kicks like before
    - Tempbans like before
    - Bans against original keys can be permanent, bans against cracked keys are automatically changed into an ip tempban for 3 days. Hence other users can still use the cracked key.
    --> For all bans: automatic rwb check.
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