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    [How to] Report a Cheater

    Please use the following template:

    Player's Name:
    Statistic's Page Link :
    Hack description :
    Server / Mod :
    Demo Link (As an attachment if possible please).


    Have your named your thread like this? : PlayerName - Last 8 Of Guid

    Copy and paste and make a new thread.
    You don't need to record a video for us, a demo suffices.

    Also, if you happen to encounter a cheater on our servers, feel free to join our TeamSpeak and report the guy to one of our members.
    Another way is to post the name of the server, the cheater and the cheat in the shoutbox, although this is not very reliable.
    Someone will then take care of the cheater.
    The Teamspeak address is
    C4S Founder and Administrator ;)

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