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      Battalion 1944 Servers

      As some of you know Battalion 1944 is coming out today. The game is very like cod2 really but with elements of cod4 especially the type of movement style (however not identical). As a result we were very interested when we first heard. Over the past two years I have been consistently talking to the devs about getting dedicated community servers for this game. They never confirmed it would be a possibility until recently however as many of the devs are former cod2/4 players I knew that they understood the importance of this so I really hoped it would happen and it is confirmed!

      The game is going to be very affordable, around 15 euros. It runs well even on average spec computers and also there is no high fps perks e.g. 125/250/333
      The game has full developer support and I trust in the devs over at bulkhead. So as a result we will be investing a lot of our resources into trying to get servers up and well maintained on Battalion. We hope this can bring activity back to C4S like we had like 2013/14. Of course this will not affect our cod4 servers in any way.

      I hope to see you a lot of you on the game.

      You will be able to purchase the game when it unlocks at 5pm Uk Time today:

      I will keep you updated on our server progress throughout today etc.

      Thank you all for staying with us
      ~C4S Management
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      Ok, we have three servers currently setup.

      C4S Aimmap 24/7 TDM (5v5)
      C4S TDM 24/7 (16v16)
      C4S Domination 24/7 (16v16)

      More being added soon, if you notice a wrong map or gametype etc on a server above let me know!
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      Head mods and Management will be given admin for now, other admins who are active on battalion may also get admin in the near future, depends on if adminmod appears or not or if the in-game admin system maybe gets developed
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      C4S Battalion Servers - C4S All Game Mode - C4S Aimmap TDM 24/7 - C4S tdm - C4S DOMINATION 24/7 - C4S Search & Destroy - C4S TDM Private (Passwd Needed) - C4S SL Rifles Only TDM/DOM

      It is possible to acces the game via console. Open console and type

      i sense little bit anger here © Robbie
      For those wondering about the game itself and if they should buy it, in this video jackfrags gives a decent overview.

      There has been more added since then such as new maps etc, feel free to look up other videos on the game.

      The game is so cheap for what you get though honestly, worth a shot for sure
      C4S Founder and Administrator ;)
      UPDATE 04/02/2018
      We just updated our servers again. First impression looks good. Servers is running smooter now. Also some minor bugs are solved.

      If u have problems in game like every 5 sec. or so the screen freeze like a split second (like u are lagging), then go to Settings - Video - Texture Streaming
      Select ENABLED.
      i sense little bit anger here © Robbie
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