Sticky [How-to] COD4X / 1.8 on Mac

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      Sorry for the late response, I've used COD-4 for a while when the cod4-i servers came in use.
      It was working for several days, but now that I tried to connect it disconnects and closes my COD.
      Though, I've boot camped my Macbook I will make a clear tutorial of this with screenshots.
      If you cannot boot-camp your Mac I'm sorry, but I do not have a solution for that right now.
      I'll be looking in to this in the future, but I will have to do this later due a lack of time.

      I hope you understand, the tutorial on how to boot camp will be up soon. :thumbsup:
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      Some of my friends have had this, here are some of their solutions maybe it can help you:

      1.The one just reinstalled directx and .NET 4.5 and it worked for him also he did windows updates

      2.As funny as this is going to sound my one friend just cleaned his ram slots he said they were a bit dusty then it worked afterwards lol

      3.The other one reported that steam in-game overlay was causing it for him so he turned it off and ran game as admin and it worked

      Hope this can maybe help you mate ;)

      oh almost forgot to add did the error pop up after the latest cod4x 18 v17.0 update? Lots of people have been reporting crashes
      I've already re-installed directX multiple times to no avail
      the .Net installation simply says that it isn't supported on this OS
      I have an iMac so I dont have access to my physical ram slots but I haven't noticed any ram related issues
      My steam overlay is disabled but this is irrelevant because I can't run the game through steam anyways
      also I'm assuming this version is still 1.7 but I cant't check as the game doesn't get that far, it crashes at startup
      I have installed no updates, I have simply followed the tutorial in this thread

      just wish there was a video tutorial out there or something, I must be doing something wrong

      Edit: also i'm unsure what i'm supposed to be doing with this xQuartz program, any help?
      Finally have cod4 installed and working using a wine wrapper but now I face a new problem
      steam is installed on both my mac and in a wine wrapper but cod4 doesn't recognise that it is installed
      this stops me from joining any 1.8 servers as I get an error message saying that steam isnt installed
      any help?
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